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I've recently graduated from nursing school ( may 06 ) and I was wondering what your thoughts are about new nurses taking care of labor pts? I'm only 21... and never had any children.. therefore... Read More

  1. by   ashley_michelle
    Thank you all for you advice! I think I would be interested in L&D, but agree with some of you that I need some basic Med/Surg experience. I can't transfer from my department for at least 6mo... so I'll try stick it out there and then hopefully go to Maternal Infant Care.
    I also talked to the manager on the L&D floor.. and you're not just assigned to work postpartum. As a nurse on the MIC, you work ante,l&d, and postpartum. There is no nursery... all the newborns stay in the room with the mom the entire time. But she assured me that they work with new nurses to make them feel comfortable in every section before they go out on their own.
    StudyingNurse- I think I read that you graduated with me (from fsu).. and I agree that we didn't get a lot of ob experience. I saw two births ( a vaginal and a section)

    But thanks again for all the input! I'll be counting down the days until I can transfer.