New Grad wants to pursue L&D

  1. Hi guys. I am new grad BSN RN. I am going to start work as a new grad RN in med-surg/oncology since this is the only job available for me at the time. This is a good thing I can retain my skills. My ultimate goal is to be a labor and delivery nurse. I want to get additional training so that I can get a RN job in labor and delivery.

    Please tell me if this is the right thing to do. I want to enroll myself in ACLS and PALS. I am already NRP certified. I want to take a basic fetal monitoring course and then take a adavance course. The only thing I will be lacking is experience as a labor and delivery nurse. Some places require experience in high risk delivery before I can be a labor and delivery nurse.

    Does any one have any advise or suggestion on what I can do to make my dream possible? Thanks for the feedback!
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  3. by   cajunnga
    I was able to obtain a position in L & D upon graduation. I work at a small facility and L & D includes all facets of maternal issues. We ship out what we aren't equipped for. I think all depends on the facility and their needs. If L & D is what you really want to do, keep looking until you find a position. The economy has kind of put a damper on opportunities for new grads.
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