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I am a senior nursing student LOVING my OB clinicals and am really considering it as a career. I have asked my preceptor nurses about whether they thought it was better to start out in PP or Ante... Read More

  1. by   NYCRN05
    LKB82...My situation is very similar to yours. I am also a relatively new nurse (17 months) and for eighteen years knew Labor and delivery was where I wanted to be. Right out of school went into a different specialty (orthopedics) and I was absolutely miserable After writing to this forum a number times for advice and with the wonderful encouragement of SmilingBlueEyes, I was hired as an L&D nurse ten months ago. I love my job and worked very, very hard and learning the ins and outs of L&D and to this day I still feel I have so much more to learn. I worry every day because the hospital I work at extremely busy (it's not unheard of to have 3-4 patients in various stages of labor) but I too have very supportive coworkers who have always been available to give a helping hand and are always asking "How are you doing?, Is everything alright?, Can we help you in some way?" I also had an extensive orientation period (six months) which really made a difference.

    So in response to the original poster, it Is possible for a new grad to flourish in L&D!!! Good luck!!