Maternity Ward and earrings.....

  1. Last night's episode had me laughing. Not! I was appalled to see the resident doing surgery with her very large dangling earrings! Where was the scrub and what was she doing? Ok, maybe she wasn't a true ST. If I was in there I would've asked (politely) for the res to take them off. I've done that before. I was so focused on her earrings ( I kept counting them to make sure they didn't fall into the field) that I missed what was going on in the rest of the scene. LOL. Oh,well. No wonder surgery shakes their heads when they hear about OB surgery. We do have one up on them though. We can save 2 lives at once.
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  3. by   mother/babyRN
    How about having to mention that they shouldn't be going around the hospital with scrubs and no jacket when the rest of us had better NOT be caught doing so? And I hate it when docs (or nurses, but primarily docs) don't wash their hands between patients....I have actually had a female OB doc remind me to remove my rings when scrubbing to catch a baby ( now we don't have to scrub for that), while she was wearing not only the big earrings, but a lovely LARGE gold necklace. So I said thanks, and " I will if you will" She was NOT happy...