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I work on a Mother/Baby Unit. We do take care of many Mag sulfate pts--usually PP with PIH. Very rarely AP's on Mag. The Mag is USUALLY started in L&D. But at least 2-3x in the last year I have... Read More

  1. by   AF-NRS
    Quote from enfermeraSG
    Same here, no Mag on AP or PP. We also do all the above, except that BP is q 15 just like for epidurals, and DTR's, lung sounds, recording vitals, and I/O's q hour. Everything double checked with another RN when beginning the bolus too. SG

    what part of central america is your 'corazon' in?
  2. by   Buggs
    I'm in upstate NY. Worked in Delaware and NJ where the Mag seemed to more closely monitored. Thanks for the input. Creating change is not an easy task and I'm not really sure where to start. I just hate to not see it change til a bad outcome.