1. Hi all,
    Can anyone tell me their experiences on LDRP? I do PRN in a community hospital which has just opened a new Women's Center with LDRPs. Does it work? As I understand it, there will be "pods" with a "specialist" from each area: L&D, M/B. I guess I'll just have to work there to become familiar with the concept. I'd like to hear what you all have to say if you've worked one of these units.
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  3. by   Andrew
    Hi, I have worked in a hospital that trialed LDRP's. We had 6 delivery beds and 6 postpartum beds. (3 rooms with 2 beds each.)

    Before the LDRPs we would have moms deliver and then they were transferred to the postpartum section which was just down the hall. Our biggest complaint on our satisfaction surveys were that dads couldnt stay the night, and well the food was right under that. Plus just changing rooms, etc could be a hassle to some parents.

    We then made our 6 delivery rooms into LDRPs. Of course this couldnt be set all the time. THe reason why is because we often needed all of our labor beds. So here is what we did, as long as census permitted the rooms were left as LDRP's. If census was high we would have to switch back to our postpartum plan. Generally for the most part it worked out fine. We also gave the parents a choice of using a postpartum room if one was open. Since they had 2 beds, one for dad to use.

    This ended up working out GREAT! Moms were much happier that they could have a partner there to assist with baby and it also made dads happy that they could be there with their partner and new kiddo.

    Having everything in one room was very nice. The flow of how things worked was very smooth. The hospital I am in now has the 2 seperated, but will be going to LDRPs within 2 years. (Construction.) I look forward to it.

    Hope this helped.

  4. by   Cindy-OB RN/CCE
    My hospital has 5 LDRP rooms and 3 regular rooms in our birthing center. The pt's love it because they stay in the same room from start to finish. They have fold out beds for the dads so it's very nice. The other 3 rooms are used for c-sections because they don't have birthing beds and are a little smaller. Sometimes if we fill up a pp mom will move from an LDRP room to one of the others.
  5. by   Caseyrnbsn
    I have worked in an LDRP setting since 1993. We are all cross trained to L/D , Post-partum, Level II nursery and scrub nursing. It is a concept that has evolved over the years trouble shooting what needed changed. I like it. It can get a bit hairy at times but you survive. I still would like to change some things but in due time. We are a 10 room LDRP setting with a 2 bed recovery room and an antenatal testing room. We also have two surgical suites that we perform our post partum tubals and C-Sections in. We work together as a team. We are assigned a team leader on every shift. We all know our jobs and what it takes to get the job done. Patients are really satisfied for the most part. We keep it a family style setting with few limitations.
  6. by   Nursz-R-Awsm
    The LDRP's are nice, but Kday is right. It works in the right atmosphere. Ours has 16 LDRP's, we scrub/circulate our own sections and we ship our high risks out to Little Rock, AR.
  7. by   rdhdnrs
    This women's unit is in a small community hospital. 4 "pods" of 4 rooms each. An OR and a nursery. It's my PRN job. My "real" job, Nursz, is at the high-risk university hospital in Little Rock!!
    I appreciate the feedback. Thanks Kday, I knew it couldn't be all sweetness and light!