L/D nurse assisting with C-Sections

  1. I have 7yrs experience with L/D and going back to the OB/GYN setting. I will be trained to do assisting and circulating for C-section in the OR on the unit. Can someone explain what these two positions do in the OR setting? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   ladytraviler
    Circulators are not sterile, they can leave the room to get supplies and such. they are responsible with the scrub to insure that the count is right. Assisting is helping the doctor at the table during the surgery.

    hope that helps - just simple explenation
  4. by   Connie John 3:16
    On My Unit (ldrp Model) All L&d Rns Also Circulate For C-sections. I Really Enjoy This Part Of My Job. As Stated In Previous Reply. We Always Have A Scrub Tech On Unit Ready For A Section. I Am Responsible To Prepare Mom For Surgery; Take Her To Or And Assist Anesthesia. I Do All Counts With Scrub Tech. Get Needed Supplies. Take Mom To Pacu With Crna. Soon We Will Be Doing Recovery Of Our Spinal C-section Patients On Our L&d Unit.
  5. by   fourbirds4me
    We also scrub, circulate and assist w/ sections. The circulator is basically in charge of supervision of sterile field, counts, all paperwork, pt. prep, getting and opening extra supplies/instruments as needed. Also helps with newborn recusitation as needed.

    Assist helps the surgeon on the field. This mainly consists of suctioning, dabbing, holding retractors/bladder blade, assist w/ fundal pressure, and suturing.

    Scrub sets up tables opens all sterile products and sets up sterile field and then passes intruments/sutures, and assists surgeon as necessary.

    Hope this helps