1. i am (almost) a new grad...may 09!!! i just landed an interview with my dream job in l&d. i know that a lot of places do not hire new grads but this particular hospital has hired a few here and there. my question is for all of those l&d ladies...what is your best advice to take to the interview? i have good interpersonal skills but i just want to do everything right. i know if they really knew me and my passion and committment to womens health then i could get the job. i also know that i could benefit from a year of med-surg (all new grads can) so if i don't get it, it's okay...i just really want it. please help...what is going to make the difference ? how can i really stand out ? thanks thanks
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    hey...i work in mother/baby and i absolutely love it, i've been there almost a yr. (yr. in june) and my interview was about this time last year. the key points were like were why this area what makes you better canadate above the rest...the thing about l&d is you have to be able to expect the unexpected, be on your toes, be ready at any point for a crisis..at times it's intense so let them some how see that you can handle that. that you are up for new challenges and learning and aren't afraid to ask questions or ask for help when needd it!!!!! how much you like to help and bonded in that area during school and like lactation and transitioning infants (i don't know if they do that there) but mention things that you learned in school that would wow them like when i went on my interview she gave me a tour of the unit and i asked about the car seat challenge for step down infants and she was like how do you know about that?? i said well i did/saw it in school like she was really shocked so i think that was a plus for me ya know. i mean that's just my hospital though the nicu, l&d, and m/b units are closely related we get pulled to each unit when needed. dont' be overly confident though but remember l&d can be intense at time and scary so probe to them that you aren't scared of dr. yelling at you and you are able to adapt when things change quickly like in L&D
    good luck!