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  1. What about going directly to the personnel dept of the hospitals you would like to work at and skipping the job fairs? I think that makes a difference, and they will consider more than the dreaded six years if they are short! Our hospital trains on the employees schedule rather than a fixed "full time". I have seen people trained as a point 8 down to a point 2, it just took them a bit longer. At my old hospital it was the same, point 6 and up. When I did a residency, I trained as a point 8. Don't give up yet.
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    Thanks for the suggestion. They made it seem like there was NO WAY that I could orientate less than fulll-time. You guys have inspired me to not give up quite yet. I am going to apply directly to the hospitals, but the people I spoke with at the job fair were the nurse recruiters for the hospitals. I am assuming that they would be the ones who would recieve my resume when I send it in. Am I wrong?
  5. by   mother/babyRN
    I skipped the job fair, put my resume on line and was contacted. I then turned them down due to monetary issues, and was recruited months later for more...