Job satisfaction in L&D: need info

  1. I am so unhappy in my current job in the OR. I hate my lack of freedom in planning my day. For example: I only get two breaks out of the OR room per shift. I eat lunch when they tell me. I only get one other break to go to the bathroom. Each time a case is done I have to go immediately to the desk and they assign me to the next case and it is so rush-rush, hurry-hurry. I am constantly stressed out. I worked med-surg on a busy floor three years and yes, it too was stressful, but I felt I had more freedom. I took my lunch when I had the time between patient assessments and other needs. I went to the bathroom when I had to and I planned my day. Basically I need a lot more autonomy in my planning of patient care and other decision making activities. I thought I would love the OR because I could focus on one patient at a time. I was so wrong. Please share your views of work in L&d, newborn and post-partum. I would greatly appreciate it. Pati
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  3. by   SlinkRN
    I am an L&D nurse and also an NICU nurse. L&D can be hectic but I love it! You eat when you have the chance (if you have the chance!) I find it very rewarding with lots of independent thinking and planning. When you apply at a hospital, ask about nurse/pt ratio in labor - 1/1 for active labor is a must. 1/2 only if very early labor.
    Level 2 nursery sometimes has only one nurse in our hospital if census is low - which means bathroom breaks, lunch breaks are difficult to take when you want.
    I find NICU also rewarding and usually more flexible with dinner time and bathroom breaks because of the higher census and large amt. of nurses on the unit.
    Best wishes for your future endeavors!