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  1. Just out of curiosity, I was wondering what kind of security systems are being used today. At our hospital we have the tag that goes on the ankle bracelet. If the infant were to get near any exit-an alarm sounds and the door locks. We have a closed unit, meaning that there is only 1 way to get in to the unit, and you have to be let in. The other 2 doors can be opened from the outside if you have the code. I don't feel like our security is very strong. At the hospital where I previously worked we had an infant abduction (4 days before system went live). That was pretty scary. I was at home that day and saw my head nurse on TV, Freaked me out. But thank GOD, the family of the abductor told her to take baby back. She claims that she found baby in bushes outside hospital. I think everyone gets so lax about security, that when the alarm goes off, no one gets excited, and says, oh that is dr. such and such. I am really worried that one day it WILL happen to us here. Any advice?
    I have brought it up repeatedly with my boss, but she isn't taking it too seriously either. Our sensors are only randomly checked to see if they actually work. To me that is appalling. And there are times when I see a mom roll her baby in the crib, right next to the door and it DOESN"T alarm!!!
    Any advice out there for me?
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  3. by   wenjeny
    No suggestions, just a comment. We also have a "Code Alert system" on our unit. The infant wears an ankle band and if it passes by one of the sensors that are posted on the wall near all of our (3) exits, an alarm will sound over the unit and the front doors lock down. Also, it should alarm it the ankle band come disconnected. However, problems that occur frequently are that it alarms a lot, and even though we check the number that is posted during the alarm, to the number on the ankle band, people don't take the alarming seriously. Also, when the infant losses weight, many times the band slips off without alarming at all because it doesn't come disconnected. We have poor security in our hospital, overall, and anyone can come into our unit, and often do. Of course we do our best to question unfamiliar faces, but since it is an LDRP, it is not uncommon to see visitors at all hours of the day and night.
  4. by   Iris in the morning
    We have a similar ankle security system, yet we don't just relay just on the alarm system.
    Our name tags are different for individuals that have access to the infant and we instruct Moms to not let anyone with a tag unlike ours take her baby. She is further instructed to keep the baby's crib on the opposite side of the room away from the door,
    to keep her curtain closed when she is alone
    with the baby, and to never leave the baby unattended. As you said yourself an alarm is not fail proof and the more you can educate Mom on safety factors regarding baby in and out of the hospital the more we can reduce the number of successful abductions.