i am new here with a question

  1. I am hoping to go to nursing school in the fall and from what i have been told that labor and delivery is a specialty. so my question is do you have to take extra classes and if so how many or is it just in the program. hope this isnt a dumb question.:kiss
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  3. by   ShandyLynnRN
    I have to keep current in NRP. We also have skills labs on our unit for special procedures we do in L&D. If you want to be RNC you have to keep up with CEU's in your field of practice, I believe.
  4. by   2banurse
    There are no dumb questions on this board!!!I guess the answer would all depend on the hospitals you interview for. Many now will take new grads after they finish their program and they may also have a special orientation period before you actually work on the floor. I'm in the same boat as you (hoping to start next Fall in the ADN program) and OB or postpartum care is the direction I am looking towards.

  5. by   kjseam
    Thank you so much for replying. I am just so clueless. I have never been to college. I have 2 small children and all of this is a little overwhelming and I just have no idea what I am doing.:kiss
  6. by   MiddleT
    You will get very little OB nursing in school, just the basics. OB positions are EVERYWHERE. Try to get a job in a small hospital (after you graduate) and they will train you. Then if you want HIGH RISK deliveries you can move on to a larger hospital. Don't get me wrong, Large hospitals will train also. But tend to push you before enough experiance.