hydrotherapy in labor

  1. Was wondering how many hospitals are using tubs in for laboring patients. Our hospital is in the process of getting a tub and I've been elected to do the research. I found that there are many types, some stationary and some portable. I like the idea of a portable one because I think it would get more use. The ones I've seen (in pictures) appear to be a step up from the KMART kiddie pools. I was hoping to find a lightweight (nurses are worried about moving it and their backs) portable tub. If you do have a stationary tub in its own special room do you ever get caught having a mom precip and having a water birth? I like the idea of the tub but am worried it will turn into another dust collecter.... We are also thinking about getting a telemetry unit so patients are monitored in the tub. I like the intermit. doppler better myself. Another question, Do you charge the monitor straps/ belts to the patient and use them one time as they were intended?? We (and have been for years) do not charge them but reuse them after hand washing them with DREFT soap. I'm not really wild about this practice. Thanks for your help. :rolleyes:
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    We have two centrally located jacuzzi tubs. Each are in their own separate room, along with a toilet, sink, and privacy curtain. We use them in probably 50% of all labor patients. They are a tremendous help in getting labor moving (nipple stim from the water bubbling) and relaxation in the middle stages of labor. I'm still relatively new, but I haven't heard of any pts deliverying in the tub (precip del's). Did have one that delivered 5 minutes after getting out of the jacuzzi....and another that delivered within 30 minutes from getting out (was 2cm going in...45 minutes later was 8cm and bulging membranes).

    We have waterproof dopplers to do intermittant FHTs. They're ok..quality is not the best, but it works. We check FHTs q 15 min while in the jacuzzi. Also have a call bell right next to mom the whole time.

    About belts...we charge the first time, then save the belts in a bag with their name on them for future visits. (We do a lot of NST's on our floor & have lots of frequent fliers). We don't wash them out between visits. They don't seem to require any washing - they stay very clean. We keep them all alphabetized in our supply closet, and make a note on their prenatal record that they have belts (we keep a copy of all prenatal records on file on our floor for every 30-32+ week pregnant pt in the area - 2 doctor groups and 2 midwife groups).

    Seems to work well for us.

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    We have jacuzzi tubs installed in all the rooms...they are LDRP also. Some of the waterbirth sites I have read have the portable ones and may have the exact weight listed...don't remember it being heavy once fully drained. Haven't heard of any delivering in our tubs yet. Sometimes I think it's up to us nurses to make sure interventions like this are used ...so it won't be a dust collector.
    Here is where the pools used to be available for rent or sale. She no longer does this as you can tell on her site, but you may be able to contact her w/any questions.

    Good luck with your research!!
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    here is the site....

    I found another while surfing....


    Has a 1-800 #...didn't see weights there either though.