HOw to be an OB/GYN RN???

  1. I am an Australian RN recently moved to the US and wish to work in the OB area but have no idea how to start or where to even look. I am unsure as to whether an RN is able to work in L&D or postnatal areas? I think that one must undertake a Masters program to become a CNM but I would like some experience in this area before I commit to any further study. How do I get into a OB?GYN area without any experience. Do they have programs for 'beginners'? What would I need to do to become employed in this area? Any advice?
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  3. by   tgm-rn
    I work in two different hospitals, one is a level one L&D, the other is capable of high risk OB. Both of them are willing to hire new grads and nurses with little or no experience. The nurses go through a 12 week orientation. You just need to check at the hospitals in your area. They may have similar hiring practices. I have been in OB/GYN for 7years and I love it. Good luck!
  4. by   swoof
    Thanks for the info..I am living in Atlanta, Georgia, USA. Can anyone give me a clue as to what the situation is here?
  5. by   Robin MC
    Hi. How easy it will be for you to get a job without experience is directly related to what the nursing job market is like in the area you live. Here in the pacific northwest there seems to be a nursing shortage and you could potentially get into a "residency" type program. Questions you will be asked are...why do want to be an OB nurse.... what are your strengths...etc. I would be thinking about these things before your interviews. Depending on where you live, starting a career in OB nursing could be relatively easy.
  6. by   Melissa, RN
    If you haven't secured employment as of yet, I suggest that you seek out a teaching hospital - usually associated with Universities or Medical Schools...they usually hire new graduates. Also try to attend courses that will enhance your resume i.e., Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring course, get certified in Neonatal Resuss (NRP), you can call a hospital's education center and ask for dates and courses to be offered in your desired field - you do not have to be employed to attend - you just have to pay for it Good luck - I hope you will love OB nursing as much as I do! (smile)

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