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I am curious to know what other hospitals are doing. According to AWHONN guidelines, a pt that is low risk should have fhr documented q30 min in active first stage of labor, however, it should be... Read More

  1. by   Adeleye
    Quote from Michelle123
    Just curious, you are talking about continuous aren't you? Doesn't that cause issue with requiring the woman to lay in bed throught her labour? Or do you have portable monitors? Do you get many women that refuse? Or place their own restrictions? Say Doppler once an hour or something?
    I would refuse the hell out of it My body can't do what it's supposed to when I'm laying down. I was a walker and a squatter during my two labors.
  2. by   NJNursing
    We have continuous monitoring with several centralized monitors at the nurses stations, break room, Dr on-call rooms, etc so if a baby looks to have an issue, there are many eyes on it. However if someone is in early labor with no issues then we will document q hour. Once pit is started or there's an epidural or transition, then we document q 30 minutes.
  3. by   dariah
    Like most of you, we document q 30 with no intervention and q 15 once there is pit or an epidural. Part of protocol upon admission is continuous monitoring. Not many women complain since most don't get admitted unless they want an epidural. We only do intermittent monitoring (15 minutes on, 45 minutes off) with a written order.