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I am trying to find references for guidelines on what the upper limit of pitocin is for both scarred and unscarred uterus's. It is not unusual to run pitocin at more than 50-60 milliunits even on... Read More

  1. by   htrn
    Thanks for all the responses. I am going to be writing a memo to my manager today and give it to her tomorrow. I will also let her know that I was advised by an expert witness in perinatal cases that this is an undefendable practice, esp when everytime someone from our department attends a seminar and mentions this subject we all get the same reactions as everyone here has. I will also tell her that I have to bring this to the director of nursing's attention and the attention of the risk manager.

    I discussed this issue with one of our more seasoned and politically astute (in the hospital, anyway) and she agrees that this is an insane practice, but that it will never change. I am on the policy and procedure committee at the hospital and will be bringing this to their attention as well. I have not had an induction with this amount of pitocin for a while, but it still happens and it needs to stop. I worked to hard for my license and care about my patients too much to lose it over something this crazy. I may end up losing my job over this.

    Anyway, thanks for the advice, comments and links. I will post a reply and keep you informed of my progress. At this point, prayers would be appreciated.

    Me :uhoh21: