HELP! with brief description of labor & delivery nurse

  1. i need help on a brief description on what labor & delivery nurses do. if anyone is a labor & delivery nurse and wont mind helping me out.. i will greatly appreciate it. i am a junior in high school trying to figure out what i want to do in life... HELP!
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  3. by   NurseforPreggers
    I copied this from another thread that is currently on page 2 of the forum, there are many threads out there that are very similar to yours. You can search for them using the search link above on the toolbar.

    Quote from fourbirds4me
    Responsibilities as an OB nurse? hmmmm

    To promote a healthy inutero environment so that the fetus stays well oxygenated and distress free while assuring the mother recieves all interventions (or as few interventions) desired to ensure the desired birthing experience. While juggling physicians demands for delivery before dinner time.

    LOL seriously...

    Evaluate pt's for labor
    check cervices
    interpret fetal monitoring strips
    assess vital signs
    review history's
    provide education concerning signs/symptoms of labor
    provide labor support
    provide education regarding stages of labor-- coping mechanisms
    ensure physician knowledge of pt. status
    assist with procedures needed
    accept newborn
    assign apgars
    place fetal spiral electrodes
    assist pt with personal needs
    assist with breastfeeding and NB care
    provide education regarding all interventions
    use critical thinking skills to intervene in nonreassuring situations
    sterile speculum exams
    provide interventions to prevent seizures in the pre-eclamptic pt
    after delivery... ensure bonding process with parents
    identify and provide support for the unstable neonate
    circulate, scrub, assist as necessary for c/s
    document all of the above
    and more... and more....

    Much luck in all that you endeavor!