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  1. I'll be graduating soon (BSN) and am very interested in women's health care. One of our local hospitals has a gyn-surgery floor and I was thinking that it might be a good starting point as a new grad. I understand the significance of getting med-surg experience, and am thinking this might be a good compromise instead of getting a regular med-surg job (I am less interested in med-surg per se). Any thoughts or comments? Would it be too narrow in scope? Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   timonrn
    It used to be a narrow scope about three years ago, but know a days, if you've seen my other posts, a GYN floor is basically a dumping ground for anything female, so, yes--you will get a good med/surg AND gyn experience at most larger hospitals. So now I don't discourage new grads from staring GYN instead of M/S--we are all getting the same pts, anyways. (altho the other day I did have to turn down an admission to my GYN unit--it was a chest wall resection. I really don't think that was appropriate for a GYN floor w/ absolutely no experience w/ chest tubes and we have no equipment for something like that, plus no experienced nurses for that) ; )