Fetal Heart Monitoring Class??

  1. Hi Everyone,

    I'm a new grad, and as many of you can guess I'm having a hard time finding a job right now. I did my preceptorship in Labor and Delivery and am trying to do anything I can to make myself standout in a crowd. I'd like to get a certification in fetal monitoring but I'm having trouble finding things online. I've found somethings where it's a class you take- but I don't think they give actual certifications. Does anyone know where there are classes located around the SF Bay Area or online classes that offer this?

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   Genu9ine
    Hey! First of all, I think having a preceptorship in Leadership is a really good thing. As a new grad, it seems like they like people have experience outside of clinicals. Also, that really shows that you really want L&D. Besides that, when I was applying I took the AWHONN online fetal heart monitoring course (it's $70). It won't give you a certification, but gives you CE hours. Also, you can get NRP certification by studying and taking the exam online and emailing instructors to get checked off. I got those things when I applying, but they didn't seem too impressed because they expect you to get those thing when working anyway. But along with your preceptorship it may help to make you stand out anymore! I wish I had that experience. Hope that helps, and good luck on the job application process! I ended up with a job on an OB/Gyn floor (anterpartum, post partum, gyn, and gyn-onc). Hoping to get experience and then transfer to L&D later.
  4. by   babyktchr
    Agree with the AWHONN basic course online. It is a great start. The other AWHONN classes are for 6 months and above experience level. You will not be expected to have NRP as a grad and it may be difficult for you to take the course if you have no background in it, but you can certainly try.
  5. by   hbk77
    Thank you both! I already have NRP and ACLS- going for PALS soon although I'm not really sure that I need it. Is the AWHONN class something I'll be able to put on my resume?
    Thanks again!
  6. by   babyktchr
    absolutely. it is a BASIC course, but will give you what you need to know in order to hit the ground running. good luck to you
  7. by   hbk77
    Thank you!