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While pushing with a patient, with the doctor on her way to do the delivery, the baby came quicker than I thought it would. It happens. The anethesiologest got the table for me, called for help and... Read More

  1. by   Nighshft
    I think anyone who has been in L&D for an extended time gets to "catch" a baby - Hey I think that is the fun part of it! I've even had docs stand by and let me do the delivery because the pt requested me to. ( and the manager let me know that she didn't think it was right, because we are a teaching hospital-- but I just say it was the patients request)
    I can't imagine the charge nurse acting like that...but as in the rest of society, there are those that are just the pits in the bowl of cherries. I would also take it up the chain in command. This nurse needs to realise that she is supposed to be there to support her staff.
  2. by   SCB
    Well, I spoke with my NM and turns out she was very supportive. This charge nurse has a jaded past as a nurse. Many nurses have had problems with her on the unit. I think this nurse needs some professional help. The nursing profession could use less like her.
  3. by   joyrochelle
    you know...there is one of our charges that is vey similar in b*itchy attitude and disgruntlement...( a word? yes?? thank you) and I just DON'T get it.....i dont understand how she can be such a sh*t. makes me so angry,....and it sucks cuz I actually let her pettiness get to me. now she hasnt done anything that bad to me....not like the delivery you talked about, but what do you do about dealing with her on a regular basis? i dread work if shes there.....grrr.
  4. by   SCB
    I can tell you really angry. This person your speaking of is a very unhappy person, and builds herself up by degrading others. It's a personality disorder. What I have learned by my situation is this; think highly of yourself. You give excellent care to your patients, treat others with respect, and hold nursing to high standards. Don't let anyone walk on you, because your too good for that.

    It's a shame that in a nursing shortage these kind of nurses are out there. I can see a new nurse finding something else to do besides nursing because of other nurses with problems. I've wanted to quit many times because of this "ugly charge nurse", I'll deal with her in a professional way. We are all adults, grown women and men, and this is the behavior I will respond to. If the behavior is child like than I will respond to them as children. Some times I go to work and feel like I'm in kindergarden. Nasty people trying to make themselves feel better, and look smarter is not adult behavior.

    If it helps with your problem view her as a weirdo.