Cytotec in outpatients

  1. Our newest physician wants to provide cytotec to outpatients and send them home after a good NST. He states it is common practice to ripen the cervix in this manner and that keeping the patients in bed for 2 hours on the monitor is unnecessary. He states that the practice is common in the Pacific Northwest.

    How about it? ANYONE using it either p.o. or vaginally in patients who are then sent home?

    Any references you might have on it? Come on Northwest nurses and let us know the truth.

    What do most of you do?
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  3. by   Solo36
    bbnurse, I think your doctor is insane. Read my earlier post on the Cytotec discussion. I have too many patients that get some hefty fetal decels from cytotec. If he insists on doing that, I would have him do it in his office to keep your dept. or the hospital out of any liabilty lawsuits that could arise. Don't you wonder what happened to the good old days of letting a woman go into labot naturally? The only natural labors I seem to get anymore is when the pt. has had no prenatal care and just pops in!! Inductions are also so time consuming!!!

    Back on subject though, I am from the South (Texas) and we would never do an outpatient Cytotec!!

  4. by   Daysleeper9
    Ahem...I'm not from the Pacific Northwest, but we would NEVER do an outpatient Cytotec induction! What is he thinking of?! As Solo mentioned, all too often you get nasty decels with this stuff--it's just negligent to send these women home with no monitoring. he in love with the idea of home deliveries?? We've seen a sharp increase in RN deliveries at our facility since we started using Cytotec. Too many moms spend all day getting to 5 cm., then go from 5cm. to pushing in 20 minutes!! This guy sounds like a lawsuit looking for a place to happen...
  5. by   rdhdnrs
    AMEN, AMEN to all your replies. I've done a couple of stat sections on one dose of cytotec-remember, you can't turn it off like you can pit-and that was a couple too many!!!
    This guy is crazy! Just don't let him drag you down with him.