cytotec, do you plaor do the docs do it? - page 2

we are having a little debate at one of the hospitals i work at , the nurses are refusing to place it vaginally they insist it is not in our scope of practice. i say it is and am the only one doing... Read More

  1. by   obtnt
    we only use it for iufd due to the above. the doc's place it, and we're happy with that. too much liability and like above, a few doc's who LOVE to pass the blame when anything goes wrong. we don't place iupc's either and only experienced r n's place ise's.
  2. by   NurseyNursey
    Although I have only been at this hospital since May, I have not seen it used in any manner. Thank goodness.

    We did use it at my former hospital, but I haven't worked there since January 2000.

    I like the oral route much better. We only did it vaginally and the docs always placed it. We never had a bad outcome so I am sure that one was just around the corner!