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  1. Quick question- Just wondering if any of you guys currently use the computer charting system Cerner? If not, do you use another computer charting system? I ask because we are going live with Cerner in March- and the L&D nurses are going crazy because the amount of "forms" that needed to be completed in Cerner are 3X what we were doing on paper. I fear the patient will be delivered by the time we have their admit orders enetered into the computer! Anyone have any thoughts on this, or experience with Cerner in L&D? Please tell me it gets better- any hints greatly appreciated. The crazy thing is that we also have Watchchild which we use to monitor baby and record BP's on, but we will have to manually enter the info. into Cerner from Watchchild because it doesn't correlate. That means 2 computers in each room! Yikes- I fear I will have no time for the patient coaching/ care that I love! Help........

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  3. by   nursejohio
    Can't help you with Cerner or Watchchild, but I feel your pain! We use QS for baby and mom assesments, but we unrolled Epic in Oct. We often have to enter our own med orders (because pharmacy can't get them entered before we've given the 2nd dose of Q2 nubain, and have their 3rd IV of LR hanging) then we have to acknowledge the orders we just typed in, and then open the MAR, find what we've given and chart the admin time. Each step requires fingerprint verification. I think they had drunk monkeys evaluating the different systems. The powers that be told us it was supposed to be very user friendly and efficient, but Epic sucks swamp water!
  4. by   jennyfyre
    Heather.. our lab uses Cerner and the hospital and clinics use Lastword. Problem is.. they don't talk to each other very well, so it's a long wait for lab values to show up for us... and sometimes Cerner will arbitrarily cancel labs without notice to us! Not too fun! Good luck with your transition!
  5. by   HappyNurse2005
    We use QS, which i love. You get the hang of it quick, and can chart things in several different places, peryour own preference. click on the "nurses notes" tab and type in what you want, go under "flowsheet" tab, which has it all,and type it in under comments, or clicko n the stored strip, click on the time it happened and type it in under comments. it all goes to the right place.

    though, we have computerized order entry, the docs write it on paper, the secretary enters it on computer system up front. have pyxis for drug removal, but no computerized drug checking system we jsut get it from pyxis, check it visually ourselves and give it then chart it in computer.

    our baby monitor and BP monitors do import into QS.
  6. by   nrse4evr
    We use Watchild. LOVE IT we have used it for several years now and it is very easy to navigate and our docs have access to it from their offices if they choose. We chart on WC as well and print our notes right to Nursery, NICU etc as well as being able to print out specific parts of the chart ie. meds/iv I have used OB Trace View and it is so awful. Makes a mockery of nurses using little stick figure "nurses" and stick figure babies. Not user friendly at all.