CNA on Birthing floor

  1. I'm going to be a CNA on a birthing unit, what are a CNA's responsibilites on a unit such as this. Once I graduate,I think I might be interested in L&D, depending on my experience as a CNA. Can anybody share any bad/sad experiences on a Birthing floor. Thanks
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  3. by   Kimmie
    I've worked OB for 11 years, and started out myself as a CNA while I finished nursing school. At the hospital where I work I functioned as an OB tech. I assisted with vaginal deliveries and c-sections. Assisted laboring mothers, did NST's, vitals, etc. It was a wonderful experience and helped prepare me for what I would be doing as an RN. Luckily an OB unit has mostly positive outcomes and I am still amazed at the miracle of birth. My sad times are limited to fetal losses. There's nothing worse than having a stillborn baby (I know from first hand experience). Fortunately my own experience has helped my practice and I hope that in some small way I help other couples through this terrible time. OB is great. I hope I will always be a part of it.