Certified Lactation Counselor (CLC)

  1. Hello! Does anyone practice using the CLC certification outside of just in the hospital as an addition to your bedside nurse role? I just took the CLC course and am working towards my IBCLC. I am aware of the pathways and how long that takes. I am currently working in LDRP on nights and want to continue to work with mom's offering breastfeeding assistance, but I can't do nights anymore. Days (in L&D/PP) aren't really an option around the area unless you've worked in the hospital for about 5 years. Does anyone have a job working not directly at the bedside that gives them both days and the ability to offer breastfeeding support without having their IBCLC?
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  3. by   ama3t
    I'm in the same boat! taking my CLC next week but I've got another 1.5 years at least to get my hours to sit for the IBCLC. I'm also stuck on nights :/ good luck! following