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This question is for any mother baby nurses or those who just happen to have experience with newborns. I'm trying to research carseats online and am so overwhelmed!!! For those of you who... Read More

  1. by   Gompers
    I also got a snap-n-go frame for our carseat, especially to use in the winter. I don't like the look of a carseat snapped into a huge stroller/travel system anyways because they're just MASSIVE that way. I did get the matching stroller for the Chicco carseat we got (Cortina Explorer) but that's just because I absolutely loved it at the store and really like the Explorer color scheme (black/grey/red). It's a good quality stroller and I plan to use it by itself come spring and summer. I didn't like the quality of the Graco, Evenflo, or Cosco strollers that came with the travel systems, though their separate stand-alone strollers were better quality.
  2. by   Alixandra
    Yes, I look at the BabyCenter board daily, even if I don't post that much(ususally someone else has said exactly what I was going to say.) My screenname on BBC is MysonBobby. I got most of the information for my posts from the board, with the links and everything and that is where I have learned about car seat safety.
    I also agree with the travel system thing. I got an Evenflo one and the car seat wasn't that great(back adjuster which was a PITA, before I knew any better) and as I said it was outgrown at 3 months old. The stroller was big and bulky and heavy. It really wasn't that useful but it beat the cheapo umbrella stroller I had(and used once Bobby was 5.5 months old) that I had to bend over to push. It was a nice stroller and I know Bobby liked it but the only time it was really useful and I was happy to have it was when I travelled with him after he outgrew the infant seat. My Britax Roundabout (which btw I would never buy again, it was outgrown by height at 2.5 by current standards but made it to 3 going by their standards at the time. I would have bought a Marathon)fit perfectly in the stroller. The plastic around the sides and front of the stroller held the seat firmly, like the seat was made to fit in it. I could put Bobby, in his Roundabout on top of the stroller and then push the stroller and put my diaper bag/backpack in the basket under the stroller. It was very firmly set in the stroller so there was no worries about it falling off(I made sure of that before I even tried it with Bobby in the carseat.) I loved being able to do that. Funny thing is that the Roundabout fit the stroller better than the infant seat that came with the sroller did.
    It was still a huge PITA and I was not too crushed when Bobby outgrew his Roundabout and started travelling just using the airplane seatbelt(Huskies are not FAA approved, they are simply too big.) I could use my Chicco Capri to get Bobby through the airport, which was much easier but
    it was worth it when he was younger to carry the carseat because I know he was safe and comfortable in his seat. the stroller wasd th ebteer part of the travel system and even that I didn't really like due to the weight and bulk of it.
    Next time(if there is one, as I'm currently divorced and single) I'm skipping the travel system and buying a car seat and a stroller and not buying a travel system. I will prolly get a safeseat and a stroller frame to use and then buying a lightweight umbrella type stroller to use once the frame and safeseat are outgrown. If the safeseat doesn't fit in my car I will be getting a BLVD and a nice full size stroller since my experience with Bobby showed me that the smaller infant seats are a waste of money for me. Sadly, you don't know what size child you are getting until they are born or what size they will get to and how quickly once they are born. Bobby was born at 6 lbs 13 oz and 19 inches long and was 'small'(that term is relative obviously) until about 2 months when suddenly he hit one heck of a growth spurt(went from the 10th percentile in height to the 90th in a month) and got really tall and long in the torso.
    Just remember the best seat for you is one that fits your car properly, one that will be used properly everytime and one that you are totally comfortable using and installing/uninstalling in your car and other cars properly if ever has to be moved between vehicles. It also doesn't hurt if your child likes to ride in it as well(even though that doesn't have to happen.) Bobby will be in his Husky until he outgrows it, even though he hasn't given me a problem for about a year. About a year ago(at 3) he was giving me huge problems and not wanting to sit in his seat and wanting to sit in the regular vehicle seat using the seatbelt, which was NOT going to happen. I was so sick of the fight so finally one day(when I had time) and he had climbed over the Husky I put the seatbelt across him in the regular vehicle seat. Well, the shoulder belt cut across his face and neck and the lap belt was more like a belly belt, he looked very uncomfortable in it. I looked at him and told him he didn't fit and had to ride in his Husky. He hasn't given me trouble since. I will say that I wasn't going anywhere with Bobby in a regular seat belt(even if it had fit him), I did this just to make him see he needed the Husky and in hopes that he would quit giving me trouble about getting into it before we went anywhere, which worked.