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    I have question that I think has a simple answer, but I am seeking options! This is a forwarded message from my e mail. Here it is!

    I read one of your articles and could use a little help. My 4week old daughter just got back up to her birthweight of 5 lb 8oz (full term). I had been breastfeeding diligently from day 1 but she wasn't gaining any weight. She got down to 4lb 11oz and stayed at 5lb 1oz for 3 weeks. After I asked for a test, we discovered she is severly lactose intolerant. Is there anything other than giving her Lactaid drops that I can do to help her? Any info you could give me I would greatly appreciate. Thank you -

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  3. by   Nursz-R-Awsm
    I have a relative with similar complications and now use a soy milk or formula (I know, they hated to quit breastfeeding). I think it's sold at Trader Joe's (up north).
  4. by   woopcrane
    Absolutly - There are a lot of soy products on the market which will provide the nutrition without the lactose. How often was the infant feeding a day and for how long each breast?