1. Question for all OB nurses. I have a Lesbian pt. trying to get pregnant through IUI's and she asked me a question I couldn't answer. Can her partner take prolactin and through nipple stimulation produce milk in order to also breastfeed??? Is this even possible? She thought it would be great for both of them to share in the breastfeeding duties and pleasures. I vaguely remember hearing something about this, but don't know the answer. I knew someone in this group would know the answer. Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!
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  3. by   Jolie
    It is possible for a non-pregnant woman to prepare her breasts to nurse an infant, and is not uncommon among adoptive mothers. Some women will be able to produce an adequate milk supply to exclusively nurse a baby, and others will need to supplement with formula, or in this case, the "birthing" mother will provide nutrition as well.

    I would highly recommend that this woman seek the advice of a lactation consultant or reproductive endocrinologist. She may need to take some hormones, and will definitely need to purchase a high-quality double breast pump system and use it religiously. It takes time and lots of patience, but if she begins preparing when her partner conceives, it is possible.