Bleeding Need Help Please!

  1. My period started on May 5th ended on May 12th. Normal 7 days. On May 19th it started again.

    I went to my OB-GYN and he put me on Aygestin 5mg ! tablet a day for 21 days. It made me nauseous and I called and told him that it wasn't stopping the bleeding.

    He put me on Ovcon 35 0.4/35 He wants me to take 1 tablet twice a day for 14 days. I am afraid to take it because 1.] I am 43 and 2.] I am a heavy smoker. I also had a tubal ligation in 1995.

    I am scheduled to have a D & C, scope, and urinary urethra tacking on July 14th. One week after I finish Summer School.

    He is aware that I smoke and how much. My question is:

    Will taking the pill in the amount ordered, stop the bleeding?

    The progesterone amount is: 0.4mg and estradoil 0.035mg. The pills are peach colored.

    Also, is there a greater risk of stroking out by doubling the dosage?

    I have gained 10 pounds in about 1 month. I weigh 149 lbs and am 5'5" tall.

    Thanks in advance for your advice.
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