best way to start?

  1. Can anyone give me tips on the best way to start a career in OB Nursing? I am going to sign up to take the RN Degree at a local community college, but whats the best way to specialize in OB-Maternity nursing? Any help would be aprreciated.
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  3. by   nograd

    You might want to look into working on the unit as a PCT or OBT during nursing school if possible. PCTs typically work antenatal and post-partum/nursery units. OBTs are L&D only. OBTs scrub in for surgical procedures, assist the OB and RN during vaginal deliveries as well as stocking and basic patient care responsiblities. Very good experience if you know that you want to work L&D. I currently work as an OBT and love it and I definately know that this is where I want to end up. However, many hospitals including mine require at least a year in Med-Surg as an RN before moving to L&D. This allows you to learn necessary and vital assesment skills as well as organizational skills. It will be a delay in getting to where you want to go but well worth it so that you come onto the unit prepared to deal with a critical population. Things can go bad in a blink of an eye and you will need these skills to help your patient.

    Good luck with your studies...