Back Into L&D after being off for months...advice needed

  1. Well I completed my L&d orientation after a full year on post-partum Nov.99. I injured my self and have been off work since the end of JAnuary. I will be returning to work in June. Anyone know of any good review books for monitoring or any computer progrmas that simulate an EFM strip? Any advice on getting back into the swing of things?
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  3. by   OB4ME
    My favorite EFM book is Michelle Murray's "Antepartal and Intrapartal Fetal Monitoring". It is "heavy" reading, but it really helps you understand the physiology behind EFM-and covers many situations we often face in L&D, including a liability perspective. (Try calling Learning Resources International, Inc. @ 1-505-822-8951 re: ordering info) AWHONN has several books which are wonderful, the best one to start with first would probably be "Perinatal Nursing" by Kathleen Rice Simpson and Patricia Creehan, published by Lippincott. Another wonderful resource for L&D is "Manual of High Risk Pregnancy & Delivery" by Elizabeth Gilbert and Judith Harmon, published by Mosby. Each (any) of these books are great resources for L&D-they really focus on the nursing perspective, rather than the MD perspective. I hope this helps! Good Luck!!!