Are L&D fellowships hard??

  1. I just recently got accepted into a L&D fellowship. I love the hospital and was excited at first; that is until I received an email detailing these long days of classroom work, tons of reading, exams and quizzes, etc. On top of that working w/ you're preceptor!!! Is this like being back in school and is this gonna be enjoyable???
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  3. by   itsannberg

    Yes, I would expect your fellowship to be hard...if you don't read the materials and study.

    It will be difficult and the days will be very long...if you do not demonstrate initiative, use critical thinking and have a passion for learning.

    No, it will not be enjoyable...if you think learning is over after you walk out of a classroom.

    A nursing fellowship IS school. You are still learning and will continue to learn until you are no longer working as a nurse. What did you expect from this opportunity; did you think you could have a fellowship without a preceptor?

    Here's the thing: nursing is hard work, but it's rewarding. You'll be changed and hopefully become a better person because of it. Labor and delivery has its own challenges and rewards...but only to those willing to put forth the time, effort and heart to embrace it. Go big...or go home.

    I have precepted many new grads and nursing's the newbie that is inquisitive, motivated and passionate that succeeds...does this describe you?