OB to Discharge RN...Now What?


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Hello All!

I am a RN with 1.5 years experience in OB postpartum. Recently, during a really (and I mean really) bad low census, my manager decided to send me to another floor to train as a Discharge Nurse on Tele/Med-Surg floor.

This is considered a temporary job and my OB position is still secure until census picks back up or our hospital move in November. Though I initially wasn't happy with this placement (it was mandatory), this experience has really opened my eyes. I have found that, though I enjoy bedside nursing, I may really want to pursue something more outside of bedside.

I am responsible for coordinating care such as procedures, consults, appointments and sometimes calling for medication coverage to ensure that the patient is discharged in a timely manner. I have really enjoyed this job and have realized that I may have really found my niche in nursing. I enjoy coordinating care and helping the nurses on the unit.

I plan to approach my new manager about possibly turning this into a permanent job in the next two weeks, but I am wanting to make back-up plans if this job isn't something I can do permanently. Obviously, I wouldn't leave my unit in the lurch if they needed me now, but I know that I would like to move on.

I guess what I am asking is that, if this job isn't something I can turn into a permanent job, would case management be an option for me? I know I don't have a lot of nursing experience, but I have really learned a lot in the last two weeks and know that I enjoy this side of nursing. Are there other options I should consider other than case management?

Any advice is greatly appreciated!


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It's funny, I found you're thread because I am an OB nurse myself, but for 16 years, and I'm thinking of doing this same thing. I see nobody else commented, but I'm wondering did you decide to pursue a D/C planning position? The hospital I currently work at frequently has opening for these positions posted. The job sounds good, the nonweekend and evening free would be wonderful. What keeps me from leaving is my comfort level with OB having been in it so long. I've actually been thinking now of trying it part time and then I could still work contingent a few shifts a month on my old unit so I don't have to leave OB completely. I think I would miss it, but not the 12 hours shifts, and weekends.


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I am sorry I have not replied, my account didn't show any new activity.

I went ahead and pursued Case Management and enjoyed the few months before I ended up as the hospital's Nurse Navigator due to my previous discharge job. I work with patients on making sure they are getting good preventative care in the community including getting all their testing after their hospital stay.

I will tell you that, at first, I was very intimidated by Tele and Med/Surg nurses. OB is a different world than all other floors and I hadn't realized how isolating the career field is. I decided that I was going to make the best of it and learn everything I could and make strong connections in the hospital. I don't regret anything I have done and can proudly say that I can build anything from very little direction. Honestly, it has made me a stronger and more confident nurse.

I hope you decide to step out of your comfort zone, if that is what you are wanting, and take the chance. You never know where it will take you. I wish you all the luck and let me know what you do!