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putting together my ob care plan, having a tough time placing priority on my nursing diagnosis. i need to have one diagnosis for mom, one for baby, and one psychosocial. can someone tell me if i am on the right track. i was thinking:

risk for infection r/t one degree laceration with repair and 2.4 cm tubal ligation incision.

risk for imbalanced body temperature r/t imbalance between body heat loss and heat production.

[color=#090119]acute pain r/t tubal ligation 2.4cm incision and repaired one degree laceration aeb patient stated "my pain is a 10."

patient data:

induced labor with cervidil and pitocin d/t hx of macrosomitic baby with large head and shoulders, epidural, nubain and phenergan for pain, clindamycin given for unknown gbs, lady partsl delivery of 8lb 15oz baby, one degree laceration with repair, breastfeeding with no complications, apgar 8/9, tubal ligation 2.4cm incision, mom stated pain of 10, fob at bedside, mom stated happily married 10 years, 5 yr old son at home with grandma.

wasn't sure if i should've focused more on the risk for hemorrhage d/t the tubal ligation, and also not sure what other diagnosis that applied to baby since she was healthy with no complications.

appreciate any help, thank you!

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Personally, I would probably focus on risk for infection due to the tubal litigation and the labial lacteration.

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