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How is the new OASIS implementation affecting your home care agency? We currently have more then 15 pages of manual documentation to complete upon opening of a patient into our homecare program. With the added OASIS we are overwhelmed with the amount of paperwork. At the same time because of the new payor legislation our Management for my agency is demanding an increase in our productivity. Currently we see 5 patients per day. They are not rated as far as aquity, but we only do between one and two opens per day. They want to increase this number to 6 or 7 visits per day. We also have Case Manager's and Revisit Nurses. The Case Manager and revisit nurse currently do the same number of visits per day. What does your agency do? Please all respond! It would be interesting to see how other home care agencies are working!

I am wondering how OASIS plus the introduction for laptop computer documentation at our agency is going to effect the productivity expectation. I start training next week. I have heard from other RNs that the OASIS part of documentation with the computer is an 80 screen document. Current productivity with the paper chart is 6 visits per day. Does anyone out there have any input/information as to what is realistic for productivity with these 2 factors? Thanks

I have been in home health for 5 years, ICU for 5 years. I worked for and free-standing agency and have been with a hospital based home health for 3 years. We started OASIS in the nick of time 10/1. We completely revamped our admission assesment to include OASIS, and of couse JCAHO standards. Our process is paper, not laptop. (god will surely look down upon us and bless us with a larger budget!) the staff as been very preceptive and postive.

I had the pleasure of meeting Nancy MinDePar

(spelling?) a few months ago. I had the opportunity to addddress some concerns that I had regarding the BBA. I specifically brought

up the venipuncture ruling. She was very receptive and concerned. I gave specific cases and some of the unpleasant outcomes and alternatives that our patients experienced.

I strongly feel that we must keep the lines of communication open with the government and our congressmen.

We integrated OASIS into our admission data baseline and ended up with 21 pages. This includes information needed for the 485. The nurses have been receptive, and after using it a few times, they say it doesn't take more than 5 extra minutes to do the opening visit. We don't use laptops - it's all on paper. If you integrate OASIS into your opening, go by systems.

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