Oasis help in mo 230 and 240


I have a patient whose diagnoses I am attempting to code in MO 230 and 240. Here is her situation:

She fell at home, was hospitalized and discovered to have an esophageal bleed, and received 4 (!) units of blood. Another of her present diagnoses is anemia. I wanted to code in MO 230 "Late effects internal injury to internal organ, 908.2, then in column 3 MO 246 "esophageal bleed", 530.82, then in column 4 MO 246 "acute post hemorrhagic anemia", 285.1. I thought the idea was to be as specific as possible. I have only been in homecare for the past year, and am a new RN. I'm attending the OASIS conferences and am understanding more each time, but am getting confused. Should I just list all of the above diagnoses in MO 230 & 240? She doesn't have the bleed anymore. And that is why we're in there for skilled nursing, to ensure she's compliant with all of her new GI meds and teaching concerning recognition of further symptoms of bleeding. Any help would be appreciated; I've been looking online for the past several months for some kind of specific guidelines, and have been somewhat successful. But when scenarios as specific as the above arise, there's no one to turn to. (I'd like to someday be the go-to person for these kinds of questions:D!)

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