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Oakton vs Malcolm X? Please help me choose a school in Chicago

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Hey everyone. I really hope this post will be seen by some students or grads in the Chicago area. I'm newly pursuing nursing school and really just trying to choose the best place to get my ADN in or near Chicago.

Malcolm X is closer to me but I have heard concerning things about the program and school in some online reviews. They don't seem to be very organized (I haven't been able to reach anyone at the school in several days of trying, the nursing program mailbox is full, etc). On the other hand, I was surprised to see that Malcolm X's NCLEX pass rates are actually higher than Oakton's. Granted these are self-reported by the schools but I have to assume they're accurate. I have a car and am willing to commute to Skokie (and take the anatomy class Oakton requires that I haven't taken yet) if it's a better learning environment and program. Can anyone please give me some insight into this? I want to start taking at least one class in Spring 2018 at whatever school I'll be applying to so I don't have too much time to decide.

Thank you so much in advance for any advice!

*Probably irrelevant information: My long-term plan is to get to grad school. Right now I want to start with An ADN and then do an online bridge program to a BSN. I basically have my pre-reqs done from a previous stint as a pre-med student, with the exception of a CNA that I will complete in 5 weeks at the start of 2018. So I would be starting at a program in the fall of 2018.*

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Curious to see which program you ended up going with and why? Currently on the same boat!


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