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Greetings fellow nurses,

I am a recent SF new graduate BSN nurse. I may have an offer from NYU Winthrop L&D. Just seeking some advice about interview prep for new graduates at NYU Winthrop...is it more clinical based or behavioral? Is there a med-calc or other examination I should prepare for?

Anyone with experience working in L&D at NYU Winthrop who is willing to share their experience as a new graduate? How long is the training etc?

Also, I'm curious to know the salary ranges @NYU Winthrop.

Any advice/feedback is greatly appreciated! Thank you!!

Hi nurseemahm!! Did u get hired?? I'm getting interview too next week, did u find out the salary?? Thanks!

Hi Debz9! I have a phone interview set-up for next week. I did a lot of google searching about NYU salary which was pretty consistent (roughly 90k). You can also check indeed and Glassdoor. Are you doing in person interview? If you don't mind me asking, which unit?

Hi, is there an update that you can share with us all on here? Im looking to relocate and work at winthrop *fingers crossed*. Much appreciated. Thanks!!

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