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NYU pre nursing Fall 2014? Class of 2016

mslinh210 mslinh210 (New) New

Hello, Anyone here get into NYU Accelerated nursing program and is taking some pre nursing courses in the fall? I just want to get in touch and meet people and create a support group! I was in publishing for 10 yrs until changing careers so would love to hear your stories! Maybe I will see you in some of my classes!

Hi mslinh210, I'm taking pre-reqs this fall and entering the nursing sequence in the Spring. I'd be great to chat and see if we are taking some classes together! Hope to hear from you =]

hi larifaction!!! im so glad someone wrote back!! lol i am taking all 5 pre reqs except stats since i have that already. will u b in a&p tomorrow?all nursing students are in the same classes!

Haha too funny -- I'm taking all 5 pre-reqs as well except stats (thank the jebus). I will be in a&p tomorrow. Were you in dev psych today?? Yea, I'm glad you made a post about this. I feel the UNaccelerated program did not have much of a presence in the boards.

i was!!! that room was crazy hot. so im asian i dont know if that helps! im so glad im not alone taking all 5. people think im crazy when i telll them. lemme c if i can post a pic of me on my profile so we can try to find each other! lol

Yep can't figure it out but I will have a brown lesportsac purse on me. And will French braid my hair I hope that helps hahh I went to orientation and I met like 2 people in the accelerated program...but I'm sure we will start mtg them soon :) I hope more people c this post!!!

Yes, that room was sooo hot. Thank goodness we just went over the syllabus. Haha, thanks for the clues. I have a teal patagonia backpack so see you this afternoon!


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