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I'll be applying to NYU's accelerated program (2010) and was wondering, before I apply, if anyone has any insight on housing. I know that they offer on-campus housing but I was wondering how that might work if I have a boyfriend/fiance/husband there with me. I'm from California and assuming I get in and end up there, he will be coming with me. We're looking to make things as affordable as possible. Thanks!


I'm originally from NY but relocated to GA a few years ago. I can tell you the cost to rent an apartment around the NYU campus is going to be a pretty penny. Your best bet would be to look around the surrounding boros where a train ride to the campus wouldn't be to bad. The Bronx or Brooklyn may be good areas to start with. I lived in the Bronx all my life before relocating and one thing I can say, if you live near a subway line, you can get anywhere in the 5 boros.

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