NYU BSN Questions, etc.


hi everyone! i don't see too many posts on nyu bsn program, just mainly the accelerated program. so here are a few questions that i would really love to get answered! C:


  • is it worth 80k?
  • how is your overall or current experience?
  • what is each semester that you have completed like? (detailed -> where have you done your clinicals, what type of clinical, how much were books roughly, which classes were the most diffcult)
  • what are a few books that has helped you pass?
  • do you think you're getting enough clinical experience
  • what would you recommend to a new nursing students?
  • if you can answer... if you already took patho would you have to take it again since it's a class that students taken in the first semester?
  • are they harder on transfer students when it comes to applications?
  • Also do you think I'm okay?


  • CHEM: A
  • STATS: B
  • AP 1: A
  • AP 2: A
  • MIRCO: B+ or an A it depends on my grade after we take finals!

Is there any other pre-rec for bsn students that I am missing? i have others but idk what else they ask for. they are very weird about transfer students..and what we need to take in order to get in