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Hi guys!

Hope to find some help here. Ill be taking the pharm exam for NYP Columbia this thursday. Any inputs? Ive been reading discussions about it, but they were old and what theyre talking about is a complete opposite of what i was told. Is it true that they give u a list of drugs to study? They only gave me like 5 sample questions, and 5 other websites for dosage calculations. Anyone took the test recently? How was it? I dont want to worry too much but they talk about NYP (cornell or columbia) pharm exam very widely on the forums. So im starting to feel a little nervous myself.

Anyways, hope to find sone helpful response.


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I too am scheduled to take the exam in a couple of months...are calculators allowed??? Do they give a study guide??

Any info will be greatly appreciated.

Nervous Nelly LOL


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Hey! sorry hope this doesnt reach you too late. Yes, calculators are allowed. No study guide, but they give you website where you can review for the math part. and sample questions.

Pm me for more info.


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I am scheduled to take it in Sept...what about you?? they did recommend prentice hall pharmacology reviews and rationals...it's a 600 page book!!! Glad calcs are allowed!! keep me posted and I'll do the same...I spoke to people that have taken it recently and they said they focus alot on classifications..side effects and calculations..,.there are 2 parts and you must score 80% on both to pass!!


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how come I can't see the message you left for me today here??? anyway....the Hr recruiter told me there were two parts...calcs and meds...is this true?? how did you find it???


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If you took it a few weeks ago, then it should pretty much be the same...congrats to you!! will you be at columbia or cornell..I'm at cornell..maybe the difference is that!! what type of antibiotic ques did they ask??? was the time sufficient for you?? did they go over it right away like they say?? fill me in on all the goods!! LOL


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by the way dmaster...how do I pm u??? I get yuor messages to me on my email!! what am I doing wrong??


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Hi CP,

I am taking the Peds version tommorrow, and I am nervous! How was it? Did you do the practice NLN test online? Was it like that?



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Hi everyone I read your postings. I am schedule to take this test soon. Any info... Thanks


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Pls give me an info on what type of questions on the test.

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