NYC Anesthetists: Please help....need information


Hello all....

I am a CRNA in MN, and looking to move out to NYC. I am looking for anyone who can give me any information regarding the hospitals in Manhattan (NYP, NYU Medical, etc). Has anyone worked in any of these facilities are even been a SRNA at these sites. I am desperate to get some additional information before I make the big move.

Thanks a million!:rolleyes:


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My advise would be to make some appts. for interviews over a few days and fly in. A nice reasonable hotel called Hotel 17 on seventeenth btw 2nd and 3rd ave would only run you $150 a night and is close enough to a lot of east side and downtown hospitals. There is plenty of work I'd think. I would try to negotiate access to hospital housing into the deal. That is easily as much a perk as any bonus you might get. Working and living in Manhattan as a reasonably young adult is a great time. I did it from age 28 till 47 although only the first 5-7 or so years in hosp housing. Get a job with some flex time and you will have the time to explore and enjoy one of the greatest cities on Earth RedEd

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