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Back in the day [a long way back day], working agency was the best way to make money in NYC hospitals and maintain freedom. As it turns out, I am considering again relocating there. I currently work out west in a level III NICU, but a return to NYC is in my future, it appears. I am interested in doing Agency work in Manhattan [NICU] and this is the scenario that best fits my need... I am wondering if any nurses out there can help me determine the best agency to apply to and if in fact I can expect sufficient [full time or near it] hours. Are hospital NICUs in NY dependant enough on agency to allow this to be a viable alternative? Is any one agency the one more utilized by active NICUs? What hospitals depend on Agency NICU nurses in Manhattan? Do you nurses in NICUs in Manhattan use agency RNs, and what hospitals do you work for?

Thanks in advance

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