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Hi everyone. 
I have been trying to get a license in Georgia. I am originally from New York and so is my LPN license. They are taking forever to give me the license, I got the unofficial results from Pearson vue on 6/30... I started the application a week or two ago. The "application fee" section says "completed" on 7/24, but "passing results for NCLEX", says "unchecked”… I did my fingerprint and sent the background consent form (which also says completed 7/24) , the background check says complete 7/24 too..grad part says completed and all I'm waiting for the "Application Complete" "Official Transcript" And "Passing Results for NCLEX" part, there's other parts that say unchecked but it doesn't seem as important. How long does this take? Am I doing something wrong?

NY hasn't posted my license yet and it's been 4 weeks and 2 days... I attached a picture of my application status for GA, is this normal? Does it usually take a long time? 



I think it would be better to contact NYBON LPN and ask about the status of your NY PN LICENSE

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