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NWFSC RN Fall 2015 Admission


Hi! I made this thread to help future nursing students with questions on the nursing program for NWFSC RN Fall 2015 Admission.

I really want to know is this school still very competitive? On the point scale do they only take students that have all 100 points?

Here is a link to the admission checklist.


Heres a link to the selection process point system.


I'm currently finishing up my prerequisites Fall 2014. I have a 3.8 in the prerequisites. I have to take the Hesi and try to score in the 90% range. I'm on track on getting 100 points. I hope to hear from future nurses that are interested like myself in attending NWFSC! We don't have to go this alone!

Hey! I have also applied for the Fall 2015 class! I have heard so many students around campus talking about how it is impossible to get in...I am still hopeful though. Have you taken the HESI? I have taken my first attempt already, and I am hoping that I can bring the 84 i got in the A&P section up to a 90 or higher.

I have also applied for the NWFSC Fall 2015 Nursing Program. We should be finding out by the 20th if we have been accepted. Have either of you heard anything yet? I'm impatient and anxious lol. I know a girl who got in with a 90 on her application so if you have 100 I would think you would get in. I only got a 80 and missed the extra 10 points for GPA by .05!! Yes I had a 3.45 GPA! I was so upset. I asked my friend if anyone got in with an 80 and she said a couple. I'm doubting I will get in, but if you guys hear anything before Friday please let me know. Good luck to you!

Hi, I have not heard anything yet...It is driving me crazy! I check my email about 500 times per day!

lol! I have 90 points, but out of everyone I know that applied, no one scored high enough on the HESI A&P test to even be eligible. Most of them are trying for GCSC or reapplying for the 2016 cycle. So, I think that even with an 80, your odds seem ok! :) I guess it depends on how many people have applied this cycle though. Well, I wish you the best of luck! Let me know when you hear something!

I know I check my email all the time too! It's so nerve racking! Well thats good to hear! I applied last year and didn't pass the Hesi either so I applied this year and passed it. I also asked one of the counselors how likely it was I would get accepted, but all she could tell me was it seemed like there were a lot of people who had 80 points. Hopefully we will hear by tomorrow, but I will keep you updated for sure!

I got my email today!! I got in!!! WHOO HOOOOOOOOO! How about you did you hear anything??

YES!!! I was just about to post! I am so excited...I can't stop smiling! We are going to be in the Fall class together!!!

Mlaffoon5339, have you signed up for the BLS CPR class yet? I just signed up for the one at NWFSC on May 22nd...

I applied last year and did not get accepted, I had 90 points. I met with the department head and this is what he told me

"Even those who apply with all of the 100 points only have a 20% chance of getting accepted."

I am not saying this to discourage you but only to make you realize that this program is VERY competitive. All of the schools in the surrounding area are and they are all reforming their programs. NWFSC only accepts once a year so they are EXTRA difficult but they have a great program.

DO NOT accept any scores on the HESI less than 90. If you have an 88 in Anatomy, retake that test. You NEED the extra points and there are too many applicants with better scores than you.

WORK HARD in those prereqs and strive for those A's, your GPA is crucial in this case.

Meet with the advisors and talk to them, get their advice, and get to know them!!

Gain some experience while you wait!

And lastly, apply to other schools. Do not limit yourself to just one application because if you don't get accepted, you'll have to wait even longer and you'll only be hurting your future chances.

Hi PSCStudent, Mlaffoon5339 and I already got accepted we found out in March. I had 90 points, and Mlaffoon had 80. The OP has not been replying to any of the thread after the original post. That is interesting that you got 90 and did not get accepted. I know a girl that got an 85 composite score and was accepted into the Fall 2014 class at NWFSC. My advisor told me that last year there were only 10 students who made all 100 points. Did you apply for 2014 or was it a different year?

Thats great congratulations!!! I hear nothing but great things about the program, that's really awesome! I applied for the Fall of 2013 and the Fall of 2014. I didn't make it the first time because I didn't even finish the application, I wanted to go the BSN UWF route (bad decision as now I have a student loan in my name that keeps me up at night). I don't know why I didn't get in this past fall, the advisor wasn't able to tell me either. But I am finally starting at PSC next week! I would have much rather gone to NWF but hopefully all of the reforms PSC recently did will pay off and their program will measure up.

Good luck on your semester!! :)

Well I am glad that you are finally starting! I'm sorry you had to jump through so many hoops to get there though. Good luck to you, too!