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NVCC January Accelerated Program

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Hello All -

I am wondering whether anyone has heard about acceptance for the January 2011 program at NVCC. I just found out that I did not get in - I have a 4.0, but am out of state. Have any out-of-state residents been admitted to NVCC for January? I heard that the Fall Traditional track program admitted only VA residents - is that true? I am wondering what I can do, short of becoming a VA resident. Any ideas? Any other one or two year programs out there that people recommend in the area that aren't as stringent on residency requirements?

Hello Rzn73,

Sorry to hear that you were not accepted. I'm sure you will find another school, though. Don't give up hope.

I applied to this program and i'm still waiting to hear from them. Did you receive a letter saying that you were not accepted? I'm in-state but am very nervous about wether or not i'm gonna make it in, as the program is so competitive. I have all other classes, except the core NUR classes, but my GPA is not so impressive, 3.29 :-(....

I pray every time I walk to my mailbox and can't even sleep at night just to think that I'll be getting my letter one of these days. I just hope that it's a "good news" letter...

Good Luck to you and once again don't give up hope.


Has anyone gotten accepted into the NVCC Online Hybrid program that starts Spring 2011?

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Hi all,

I have also applied to the spring 2011 online-hybrid at NVCC. It's November 5 and I still haven't gotten anything in the mail! Has anyone received an acceptance letter yet?

Feedback appreciated. Thanks!

Hello ecm2379,

I called the nursing department on Friday of last week and they said letters would be ready for mailing early this week. I've been greeting my mailman everyday hoping to hear from them...but still no news :-( The wait is killing me. I wonder how many students applied and how many will be accepted, do you have any clue?

Hi 1623,

Thanks for getting back. I too have been running to the mailbox every day..and each day I am so let down! I'm afraid that admissions are going to be tough...I know that last spring, 90 applied and only 17 got in :( but I have no clue about this round.

Very best of luck. I will keep you posted if I get anything.


Hi ecm2379,

I got my letter today saying that the class is full :-(

I'm a little disappointed for I don't have any other classes to take, I'll just have to wait until May so I can re-apply and hopefully make it in. Did you receive your letter?

Hi 1623,

I got my letter today...and I didn't get in either. Very disappointed. This is actually my second attempt. I didn't get in to the traditional for this past fall either. Not sure where to go now.

Sigh. Best of luck to you.

I had heard that they would be accepting 60 students for January, but I do not know whether that ended up being the case or not. A friend of mine got in last week, but she is the only one I have heard of. I too am wondering what to do next semester - I have taken all of the non-nursing classes.

Best of luck to everyone who is trying to get in.

Hello guys.

I'm back to waiting AGAIN :-( Hoping this time i will make it into the RN program. I've dropped off my checklists, one for traditional and the other one for Momentum 2+1. I hope and pray we have better luck this time.

Have you guys applied? Where are you standing?