NVCC & LFCC - Which pre-reqs to sign up with to apply to 2 different programs?


I plan on applying to Northern VA Community College and Lord Fairfax Community College in the next year or two and I have a couple of questions for those that have come before.

1. I know NVCC has two different programs, the regular and accelerated so you can apply for Fall regular admission or Spring accelerated. Does LFCC only offer fall admissions?

2. This is the important one. I plan to apply to both schools. I have an associate's degree in communications which has helped with some of the pre-requisites. How do I know which courses to take to build up my GPA before I apply? Both schools have different courses required as pre-requisites and gen-eds. My degree covers the basics that overlap for each course like BIO 101 and ENG 100 but the other courses are different. For example, to apply to NVCC I need to take NAS 161 and NAS 162. This isn't require for LFCC but they do have Bio 142 and BIO 150 as gen-eds throughout the nursing course that I could take prior. I plan on going to both campuses next week to talk to advisors but can anyone offer insight? How do I take a course load between now and when I apply that is suitable for BOTH schools and doesn't leave me with excess, unneccesary coursework?