NVCC A.A.S in Nursing


NVCC advertises the A.A.S. nursing program as 5 semesters including the pre-requisites. I've completed the pre-reqs and a few others such as A & P II, Microbiology, and a humanities/fine arts elective. Looks like the remaining courses are about 4 semesters, but what I'm wondering is, if it can be done in less? Ideally, I'd like to stack up and crush it in 3 semesters if possible. 

I'm weighing my options between NVCC and ABSN programs which can be done in 15 months. The only appeals to going to NVCC would be to cut costs, and potentially finishing sooner. 


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The nursing classes are set by semester so it will take 4 semesters regardless. You can take the coreqs over Summer to lighten your course load but you can't accelerate the timeline. Check out the brochure which will show you the semester class schedule.