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NV RN of 12 years endorsing to OR but international graduate

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Hello all! I am trying to find out if there's any RN out there who experienced endorsing their RN license to Oregon who is a foreign graduate for their basic nursing education.

I am a RN in Nevada for 12 years now and endorsing my license to Oregon. I took my NCLEX-RN in Nevada back in 2004, and have a VIsa Screen Certificate from CGFNS. I recently ordered a Visa Screen Certificate verification letter sent to Oregon State Board of Nursing as proof that I had my CES done back then. Whenever I call OSBN to inquire, they will say that as long as the VISA Screen certificate verification comes straight from CGFNS it's fine. Now my question is will they still require me to submit a CES for my BSN education in the Philippines again from CGFNS? CGFNS only keeps CES for 5 years so mine is long gone. I will have to re-apply for a Professional CES which I feel is a waste if on my initial Visa Screen CGFNS already approved my basic nursing education to be at par with the US thus getting a Visa Screen Certificate. In fact I was able to study and get my Masters degree for Nursing and Health Administration from my BSN. If I still require one, I will have to order it ASAP because it takes time to get my transcript from my nursing school back in the Philippines to send to CGFNS again to re-evaluate (re-CES).

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